The Cafe

The cafe at Studenterhus Odense offers a wide selection of food and drinks on the menu. You can get a soda or a beer, but also hot beverages like coffee or cocoa.
If you’re hungry you can order a sandwich or a toast, both regular and vegetarian. If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack the Café also serves fresh fruit. Although, we have also provided snacks for the sweet tooth as in chips and chocolate.
When the evening comes and you’re all dressed up for a night out, we open the taps and offer all kinds of beer, drinks and shots.
Since we don’t want to cheat you of cheap beer during the day, every friday we have happy hour from 3pm-5pm.
We, Studenterhus Odense, are here for you - the students, and that is why all prices in the café are affordable all hours of the day.