Your tasks

In Studenterhus Odense there are many different work assignments that needs to be taken care of every day.
Below we have listed some of the different functions we can offer you:

Normal volunteer:
As a normal volunteer you work as a practical worker bee. Your primary job is to tend to the bar in our café, but you will also be asked to do other things, such as shopping for the café, manning the wardrobe at concerts, cleaning or something else.

Team coordinator:
As a team coordinator you are in charge of the café during your shift. It is your responsibility to make sure that the café/bar runs smoothly, that the volunteers knows what to do and that our guests are satisfied.

Light technician:
Do you know how to create a party just by combining colours? Or do you want to learn how to do it? Then you are the one we need. As a light technician at Studenterhus Odense you will have ample opportunity to develop your skills or to learn from one of our many other light technicians.

Sound technician:
Do you know how to manage the sound at a concert? Then you’re the one we need. As a sound technician at Studenterhus Odense you are responsible for the sound at our events. You manage the sound trials and help the performers set up their instruments.

Event coordinator:
As event coordinator you work with planning, organizing and hosting events. It can be anything from concerts and stand-up shows to board game cafés and workshops. You can tag in on an existing event or you can start up something from scratch. So if you’re walking around with a great idea for an event, then you’re the one we need!

Promotion-group for Studenterhus Odense: You will work with Studenterhus Odenses public face. It include on the internet and sociale media, but also production of posters and taking pictures could be a part of your tasks.

Catering group: As a volunteer in the catering group you help providing food and beverage for the performers.