About Studenterhuset

The association Studenterhus Odense is based on voluntary commitment - where students together contribute to running the association.

Our ambition is to create an interdisciplinary, cultural and social gathering place, where all the student from the higher educations can meet across fields of study and network. September 2 th 2013 the association opened the doors for their own space at Amfipladsen in the center of Odense.

In Studenterhuset you will find Studyzones, bar and caféarea with possibility for socializing and community. Studenterhus Odense offers events such as concerts, movie screenings, lounge evenings, exhibitions, receptions, lectures and events in collaboration with students and Funen business. Everybody is welcome - of course with benefits for student with valid student ID.

Studenterhus Odense is a gathering place, where you as students can meet and get a taste of the many offers and possibilities you have in Odense. The activities, events and their content is created with the wishes and interest of the students. If you have a good idea for an activity or event - we would like to know.