Science and Beers: Evolution of Humans – the last 6 million years


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Studenterhus Odense

Two-legged apes walked the deep forests of eastern Africa some 6 million years ago. As climate began changing and the forests opened up, their descendants adapted and diversified into new environments, using simple tools and enjoying new food sources.

Later again, different human species repeatedly evolved and migrated out of Africa, spreading across several continents. These long-distance endurance runners were equipped with advanced tools, fire, language and an exceptional ability to adapt to very different environments and utilize all kinds of food.

Due to yet not well-understood circumstances, only one – but an extremely successful one – human species remains today: our own.

This talk covers the last 6 million years of human evolution, focusing on the newest knowledge about major anatomical adaptions, food, tools and social structures in prehistoric human species up until the last great migration of anatomically modern humans out of Africa at the end of the last ice age.

Bent Lindow is a palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen

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This event takes place at Studenterhus Odense. Amfipladsen 6. Odense C.
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