SOLD OUT!!! Science and Beers: Gender differences in brain and cognition


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Studenterhus Odense

Are women more empathic than men? Are men better at math than women? Do increased levels of testosterone lead to (male) aggressiveness? Does the female brain differ from the male brain? And why do we really care? The questions are many and so are people’s opinions.

Take a potentially debunking tour de gender on the International Women’s Day.

Christian Gerlach is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the institute of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark.

Science and Beers is a popular science talk series. The goal of Science and Beers is to make science fun, accessible and to normalise science conversations in a social setting.
Science and Beers is funded by the Novo Nordisk Fund. These events are open to everyone. The event will be in English.

This event takes place at Studenterhus Odense. Amfipladsen 6. Odense C.
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Science and Beers is curated and hosted by Michael Magee.
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