Science and Beers: The Politics of Victimhood – what does it achieve?


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Studenterhus Odense

It is very common to see contemporary political issues framed in terms of victims. Internationally, we can see this on both sides of the conflict in Gaza and the Ukraine, we can see this in debates over the nature of and restitution for colonial or aboriginal legacies, and we can also see this domestically with the rise of populist and nativist movements.

While on the one hand this framing might be seen as merely descriptive – victims are people to whom something unjust has happened – this presentation will suggest that the reality is much more complicated. By considering not just what victims are – how we might define them – but what having the label of victim does, this presentation aims to confront both the benefits and potential drawbacks of the political use of victimhood, and consider what this might mean for the potential resolution of national and global political conflict.

Vincent Keating is an Associate Professor at the Centre for War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

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