Presentation on Polarity // Studenterhus Odense


april 4


17:00 - 19:00

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Studenterhus Odense

Amfipladsen 6

Odense, Denmark, 5000

Jonas Lind is working as a Men´s Coach and personal trainer and has also facilitated Men´s Circles in Odense for the past year. He is extremely interested in topics such as personal development, spirituality, and polarity, and how these areas can be used in everyday life to better understand yourself, your partner, colleagues, friends and family.

In his presentation on polarity, Jonas will give you tools to learn more about yourself and understand your partner better. So, if one of the topics below seem interesting, you don´t want to miss Jonas´ presentation:
– Are you curious to learn to understand your partner better?
– Are you curious about how you can develop your relationship with your partner and create deeper intimacy?
– Are you curious about understanding yourself and your patterns better?

The lecture´s gonna be in english and takes place at Studenterhus Odense.

It cost 30,- DKK to participate, and it will be possible to buy
coffee, soda, beer, etc. in the bar.